Not everyone has good fashion sense and it can sometimes lead to an embarrassing situation at the workplace or any gathering. You can develop your fashion sense by reading books and magazines. Here are some fashion-related books you can read.

In My Fashion

By – Bettina Ballard

If you are curious to learn about what goes on in the fashion world, then you should read this book. The author was a Vogue US editor. He has written his experience at fashion parties, meeting top designers and models.

Culture to Catwalk

By – Kristin Knox

This book tells how designers have been inspired by various cultures. You will know how designers like Diane von Furstenberg got inspiration from the traditional kimonos or Comme des Garcon getting inspired by the African textiles.

How to Dress for Success

By – Edith Head

The author has dressed a lot of classic celebrities like Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor. She has written about her experience and given advice on how to dress up to look your best. By reading this book you will be able to develop your personal style.

These books will inspire you and teach you a lot of things about fashion. You will learn from the experts and will be able to develop your own style. These are very good coffee table reads and you must have these in your collection if you are really interested in fashion.